We have been helping software companies recruit the best minds across the world. It is nothing but an enriching experience. We have been meaning to write about it, but it always took a back seat. This year we wanted to overcome this procrastination and make it a habit of writing. Now that our website is ready, we are eager to share our experiences.

Welcome to Workship.tech!

We started in 2017 with our assumptions about recruitment. With no background in recruitment, we began with whatever felt right. And we have never been so wrong about recruitment. We learned the hard way! We want to bring our learning to you through this blog. In the process, we also aim to learn from you.

All of this writing would be for naught if we couldn't show you how to apply what we've learned. So we have been putting it together as software. We are calling it Tacitbase.

If you are a recruiter or software product company or a candidate looking for their next career move, please consider subscribing to our blog.

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