Curated Talent Pipeline

We have software engineers on the sourcing and discovery team, who understand the requirements and curate relevant candidates suitable to your requirements. We understand that keyword match resumes can frustrate you.

Highly Customizable Process

We adapt with your tools and processes. Whether you are on Slack, Team, Discord, WhatsApp, Signal, Lever, Telegram, or Jobvite.

Whatever your process, we will adapt. If you don’t have any process we will help you build one.

Your reputation is our reputation

We care about building brand as a technology company for you. We do not spam engineers or follow any practices that will damage your reputation.

Startup friendly

We work with startups and we understand the importance of speed and right-fit candidates.


Negotiations are awkward and you could lose good candidates if you don’t handle this, we help both sides see the benefits.

Experience is everything

We care about candidate experience in the overall process. Prompt responses, timely feedback, keeping them informed about overall progress.