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Tech Hiring is crucial for companies relying on technology. Tech Hiring is the recruitment of skilled technology professionals. Workship is a recruitment company that streamlines the process by posting jobs, screening and evaluating candidates, and coordinating interviews. They focus on finding the best-fit talent for technology-related roles to simplify the hiring process for companies.

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Shivprasad Patil


When we say that the life of a recruiter is so fascinating and inspired by the “Dory” because most of the time we are in a sink-or-swim situation with respect to a candidate or for that matter even to our clients.

Shekhar Patil

Life of JD

It is really important to know the significance of JD in the life of its various stakeholders. Some candidates would be interested to ask for the JD and they seriously read it in order to understand the requirement and to find out whether the work would be of their interest.

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