Process flexibility

Make your recruitment pipeline more efficient with better flexibility in the process. You can move any list across the boards for better applicant management. Flexibility in the process provides a streamlined but custom workflow that allows faster candidate recruitment.

Candidate tracking

Never spend time aligning candidate profiles. You can move candidate(s) within lists or boards with the candidate tracking feature. Candidate tracking helps in reducing time spent on administration tasks and improves decision making.

Make your recruitment pipeline more efficient with better flexibility in process. You can move any lists across the boards for better applicant management. Flexibility in process provides streamlined but custom workflow, allows faster candidate recruitment.

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Candidate history view

All the activities of the team members can be seen in candidate history. Team members can have access to track candidate history during the recruitment process. Members can easily comment and add/remove labels and attachments in a candidate activity section.

Organize candidate

Manage and organize candidate with custom labels. Members can create, add/remove labels that help to identify different aspects of the candidate such as place, experience, skills, education, etc. without opening the resume. Labels help to filter candidates according to recruitment workflow and saves processing time.

Team collaboration

Nothing better than working with a team on a project especially on recruitment when the number of applicants is huge. Manage team members for organization as well as boards with just one click invite option. Members can help in process optimization, candidate management, candidate assessment, and many more.

Integrate with Slack

It is always great if you get notified about the candidates and the process while working with different team members. Slack integration provides a custom notification on your personal slack channel when changes are made in the process.

A tsunami of candidates often leads to frustration and requires huge time and money to find the right fit candidate for the job. Thus, Tacitbase provides you the one stop solution for your all recruitment worries. Tacitbase has emerged from our own experience and thus gives you better service with all-around solutions. We understand the problems and challenges faced by recruiters as we have long experience in candidate recruitment.

"We believe that recruiters should spend more time on building relationships with candidates than on recruitment workflow."

Tacitbase is building in such a way that, it is easy to understand with a powerful interface. Tacitbase makes candidate assessment easy and helps in building efficient recruitment workflow which can easily manage by experienced as well as recruitment freshers.

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