CRM, the moment I mentioned this word, all the customer relationship management softwares might have come to your mind. But, here I am referring to the Candidate Relationship Management term which is often considered similar to Application tracking system (ATS). What do you think? Are those two similar? Can those be interchangeably used?

One word answer to the above questions is No. These two terms cannot be interchangeably used. Candidate Relationship Management is a process of identifying qualified talent, connecting with them and engaging them for open roles and nurturing them for the long run.

Application Tracking System is a tool available for your disposal for maintaining the candidate journey for any of the open roles.

The qualified talent can be active or passive talent. The candidates which are not actively looking for the job fall under the passive talent category. No matter whether the candidate falls into active or passive category, building a rapport and friendly relations, helps them to understand more about the opportunity and prepare well for the interview process.

First step of building trust is to give candidates up to date information of the opportunity shared once the connection is made. They should feel that they are getting required support throughout the interview process.The information shared should be so accurate and quick, that they should feel excited about the new opportunity. If this is done, you have won the 50% of the battle of CRM. The remaining 50% depends on how you nurture the connection with the candidate. This nurturing involves congratulating them on personal achievements and their insightful linked-in posts. It helps to boost the confidence in your brand and candidates will reach out to you once they actively start looking for the change in future. For instance, Wishing candidates on their birthday on LinkedIn. This helps the recollect about us, if they have forgotten us(brand).

Hence, nurturing the candidates is the crucial part of candidate relationship management.

ATS is a tool on the other hand, helps you save the candidate details like current employment details, expectation from the opportunity etc. Once the candidate is shortlisted and goes through the series of interviews the corresponding feedback from the hiring team can be captured in ATS for future reference. The ATS like Tacitbase helps to do the complete activities from sourcing till setting the interviews from single application. So, ATS helps in one of the steps of Candidate relationship management.

I hope this blog helped you to learn more about Candidate Relationship Management and how it is different from ATS. In case you are struggling to identify the matching talent, reach out to Workship. We are happy to become your extended recruitment team. Also, if you are struggling with find right matching software for ATS, reach out to us for Tacitbase subscription. Our team is ready to share the demo to start your ATS journey. Thanks!

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