Shekhar Patil

Shekhar Patil

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Founder and CEO, 16+ Years Experience in Software Development, recruitment, community building for Go/Distributed Systems

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Shekhar Patil

Life of JD

It is really important to know the significance of JD in the life of its various stakeholders. Some candidates would be interested to ask for the JD and they seriously read it in order to understand the requirement and to find out whether the work would be of their interest.

Shekhar Patil

On the scale of 1 to 10 ?

This question gets asked in many interviews by Interviewers with different intentions. To understand the level of confidence? maybe! level of comfort with technology? The real question is how effective this is?

Shekhar Patil

Welcome to Workship

We are excited about new beginnings. This is the place where we share our ideas, experiences, and stories with the world. Welcome!

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