Workship Inc. is a tech talent recruitment firm supporting funded tech startups in the B2B technology product space and fortune 500 product companies across the globe. We take pride in calling ourselves an extended arm of the technical hiring manager/leader of your organization. You could be an engineering leader setting up a technology product development center anywhere across the globe or already leading a group of top-notch engineers within a Fortune 500 company. We help you hire top-notch experienced engineers across the globe.


We have an in-house technical team of experienced software engineers who validate a candidate's profile by visiting all available technical resources published by a prospective candidate in the public domain. Once the candidate is validated for an open position within your company, our veteran recruiters approach the candidate and give a unique and convincing sales pitch about your organization to the candidate. This two-step process is unique and time-tested by us.

Our boutique service has been validated by top tech firms and VCs . Our specialty in acqui-hiring speaks volumes about our tech industry reach. We have multiple engagement models that fit your unique recruitment needs.

We understand that keyword match resumes can frustrate you, our team meticulously look into candidate profile and provide you pool of relevant candidates.

Our talent database has candidates with the following profiles  

  • Distributed Systems
  • Data Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Firmware Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Hardware Engineering

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Our Values

Trust - We trust everyone by default.
Treat everyone equally - Be inclusive - Human first.
Empathy - Understand and share the feelings of another.
Think big and long term - Thinking makes us what we are and thinking long term will help us make the right decisions.
Seek Help - When in need, ask for help.
Honesty - Be honest, be yourself.
Empower everyone - Allow everyone to have access to information and take decisions, and make everyone responsible and accountable.
Ownership - Take ownership of your work. No lame excuses, no blames.
Candidate first